Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Vasco Georgiev

Dejah and company are attacked by one of the mysterious jeweled warriors. The warrior gets his helmet knocked off and they find that it is a man from Earth. With his helmet off, the Kaldane can immobilize him which gives Llana a chance to knock him out. They tie him up, but all this guy will give is his name, rank and serial number. The Kaldane manages to take over his mind and they find out all they need to know. The man named Jefferson was a Marine who was kidnapped from Earth by the Jeddara of Zodanga. That she has an alliance with the Jeddak of Helium and was responsible for assembling the Thern technology.

Meanwhile, Thuvia talks with Tars Tarkas and Sola. She finds out that the Tharks are going to war with Helium. She says that she couldn’t understand the Warhoon and thinks that Barsoom is dying. They are soon attacked by a Warhoon raiding party. Back at the ruins of Tel Hart, Dejah is examining some equipment and disappears.

This was a good issue. The story moved along where we got some answers to these mysterious jeweled warriors. An interesting development that they are from Earth and former military. The subplot with Thuvia moves along nicely. Even the atrocious character of Llana didn’t get too much on my nerves. Ends with the cliffhanger of Dejah disappearing. Of course, at the end they advertise where she is going which just piques my interest further.

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