“Argos Rain”

Writer: Jim Owsley

Artists: John Buscema and Bob Camp

Conan, Tetra and Delmurio are in Messantia the capital of Argos. They are looking for passage on a black ship that was supposed to arrive. Only heavy rains may have sunk it. So, Conan goes looking for another ship and approaches the galley owned by Feducio. Feducio is the leader of a cult and many of his followers are happy galley slaves. Conan notices an old friend is one of these happy galley slaves. Conan decides to take him and deprogram him from the cult. Naturally Feducio objects and spreads the word that Conan is a demon that brought the heavy rains. Conan’s friend Redondo manages to escape and runs to where Feducio is giving a speech. Feducio thinks that Conan broke his hold of Redondo and has him shot down by a crossbolt. This angers Conan who runs his sword through Feducio. Feducio’s followers go after Conan and his friends and trap them in an alley. Only at the last moment the rain stops and the ship bringing the statue of Mitra arrives. This placates the crowd. Ends with Kiev interrogating some poor sap about the whereabouts of Conan.

This was a good little filler issue in the quest for the treasure. They have this adventure with a cult leader. Tetra is shown to be one badass of a woman as at the beginning she is beating the hell out of a group of men in the tavern. I loved how Conan tried to help his old friend from the cult, but his friend was just too far gone. Really cool in seeing an angry Conan just impale the cult leader on his sword. Also shows us that Kiev is not forgotten and still after them. A good issue.

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