Writer: Zac Thompson

Artist: German Garcia

Ka-zar wakes up from a nightmare. He has a child and being taught by his father to slaughter all the animals in the Savage Land. Seems Ka-zar died and was brought back to life in another series. Now is a wreck although Shanna has it all together. She is making thinking fabric from bacteria in the soil. Ka-zar now has a new loin cloth with a tail. Not too far away a T-Rex is attacking some natives and Mathew their son comes to the rescue. He shoots flowers from his hand which kills the T-Rex. Only this mutates it to some creature but fortunately his parents come flying in on some kind of stuff and save him. Later at dinner Mathew gets a lecture about the need for vegetarianism and Ka-zar and Shanna argue over letting their teenage son go out with Zabu. Mathew goes to his tree platform at night and talks to this sinister bio-mechanical entity.

I love Ka-zar and every decade a new series comes out. It reflects the decade it comes out in and that is the main problem with this series. I had a feeling that it would be crap like what most of Marvel puts out these days. Yet I got it because I am a completist and need all the Ka-zars in my collection. Where to begin? The whole story is crap. I have no idea what is going on and really don’t care. All the characters are just unlikable. The art is OK, but the colorist just uses different shades of yellow except for blue at night. Apparently, they can’t afford a full box of crayons for their colorists. Oh well, at least it’s a short series.

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