“Chapter Four: Pipeline”

Writer: Buzz Dixon adapted from novels by M.S. Murdock

Artists: Chuck Wojtkeiwicz & Ean Akin

Mercury has betrayed Earth and joined forces with RAM. The combined Earth/Venus fleet is in serious danger. Huer.doc is captive of Kharkov.dos the program of the Russian general that Buck defeated in the twentieth century. Huer.doc convinces Kharkov.dos to let him go so he can save Rogers. Because Kahrkov.dos wants to kill Rogers himself. Huer.doc contacts Kemal Gavilian and convinces his rebels to destroy the power station and disable the Mercurian fleet.

The Mercurian fleet is disabled and Holzerhein.dos thinks the Mercurians have betrayed him. So, he orders the fleet to destroy them. When finished he finds himself now facing the newly arrived fleet of the Brigand’s League that Black Barney recruited. RAM retreats back to Mars. The only way to defeat RAM is to destroy the Pavlovis Space Bridge. Rogers and his allies attack and manage to plant a nuke at the base of the elevator. They threaten to blow it up and destroy RAM’s profit margin. RAM has no choice but to surrender and recognize Earth’s independence. At the end Buck has to keep his promise and spend time with Ardala. Only he brings Black Barney and his crew along.

“Sins of Ardala Chapter 4: Old Wounds”

Writer: Buzz Dixon

Artist: Gray Morrow

Ardala builds up her pleasure planetoid to a great success. One day her old home of Starsalem needs help. Their thruster for the colony blew and tilted the station away from the sun. She offers them help if they promise not to sell anymore girls into slavery. The old ruler dies of a heart attack. At the end the girl she bought finds out that Ardala is giving her freedom and sending her to school. This is the way she gets loyal employees.

“Beware of the Flowers ‘Coz I’m Sure They’re Gonna Get you, Yeah Conclusion: Time’s Up”

Writer: Steven Grant

Artist: Bruce Zick

A woman who was a man named Eric falls to this world of Sephira. He finds out his wife was some kind of goddess, I guess. He eventually has to fight himself and somehow saves this world but is back in the real world. At the end some beings discuss how they have to still use him.

“The Toaster’s Tale!”

Writer: Alex Krislov

Artist: Joe Staton

Anthropomorphic toaster narrates a tale that takes place on a world where every object is anthropomorphic. A guy named Sy bangs up his car and refuses to get it fixed. All the household objects bug him. Sy gets angry and destroys all his things. Only while taking a bath the radio electrocutes him. At the end at a repair shop a cash register offers the repaired objects a new guy from their stock.

The final TSR comic module as they called them. Seems that they were too expensive and so TSR got out of the business. They decided to shove their last two issues into one flip book. The Buck Rogers was an excellent series. Ended a bit strange with everyone jumping into a pool but that and the Ardala backup story came to a satisfying conclusion. I will be reading the book series this year so you can find out how their Buck Roger series was on my sister site.

As for the Intruder issue. That was one mama jama of a weird series. I didn’t understand the main story at all. I know I came in at the end and maybe reading it from the beginning would clarify it. The backup was understandable but equally bizarre. I have a feeling that this wasn’t my cup of tea and won’t bother checking the back issues out in the future.

I enjoyed Buck Rogers and another series which will someday be covered. TSR had some good ideas with beautiful art on high quality glossy paper. Hired good writers and artists and the games thrown it were interesting. Sadly, just not a market for them.

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