Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Vasco Georgiev

The weather on Barsoom is becoming colder and colder. Dejah is studying this and goes to the new Jeddak of Helium for permission to visit the atmosphere factory. Kurz Kantos is the new jeddak who overthrew Dejah’s family. He can’t openly kill Dejah and her family because they are still popular. Yet he conspires with the queen of Zodanga to have her and all her family assassinated. All to look like an accident of course. The Tharks have a new jeddak who wants to break the peace with Helium. Dejah arrives at the factory with Kantos Kan her only guard. The story ends with them being attacked by white apes that somehow got into the factory.

This story is a bit of a mixed bag. First the good. The basic story is interesting with this future ice age that is causing all sorts of problems. A new ruler for Helium and Thark is upsetting the old order. Dejah’s father and grandfather are in exile. John Carter is not around, and we aren’t told why.

Yet I get the feeling that the writer and artist aren’t really big fans of the property. Tara and Llana are both red heads which isn’t correct. Llana is a more manly short haired warrior which also isn’t what was established for the character by Burroughs. Tars Tarkas is still alive after being deposed which in green men culture isn’t right. Tars would be dead and not allowed to live.

My biggest fear is that it has too many elements of the typical woke story. All the women are super perfect and strong. All the men are weak or evil. Kantos Kan is portrayed as an inexperienced young guy with a crush on Dejah. Tars Tarkas is meek and accepting everything while it is Sola who is the one with all the fight in her. This could be a woke mess but still too early to tell.

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