“The Good the Bad and the Chaotic”

Writer: Tom Sniegoski

Artists: Kirk Van Wormer & Joe Weems

Restin Dane dreams of the time he bonded with Slough. He wakes and finds himself at the cabin of Caleb Storm. Dane has healed from his last encounter but is soon faced with another. Four horsemen of Chaos have arrived. One is a robot, the other a fancy guy named Boot Hill that can raise the dead. A pale rider and blonde woman round out the lot. They have a fight and the Rook wins, but Caleb is deformed, and his wife dies. Yet some of the Chaos energy leaked from the robot and has make Caleb a kind of zombie.

The two continue on to the citadel of Chaos. They arrive in the Rook’s ship and are attacked by a giant worm. This is Chaos and the Rook gets inside him and tears the Chaos worm apart. Caleb takes care of the preacher that was serving him. With Chaos defeated the Rook moves on to another world and Caleb decides to hunt down evil. An epilogue has the Pale Rider the last surviving servant eat the body of Chaos.

This was an interesting story. We get a look at the scene where Restin bonded with Slough. The story moved quick which kind of did limit character development. Which is a shame since the characters were interesting and I would have liked to explore them some more. In fact, it seemed that Caleb was being set up for his own series. In interesting issue but just moved way too fast.

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