“Three Lives for N’Garthl”

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artists: Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan

Conan has hired on to the Aquilonians to scout for them along the Pictish Wilderness. He leads a small raiding party that has success in ambushing the Picts. Only they are discovered, and Conan and two surviving comrades are captured. They are taken to the Pict village where the shaman has plans to use them. He is going to call the ancient god N’Garthl and offer them as sacrifices. N’Garthl comes but Conan manages to break his bonds and free his companions. They run away with N’Garthl hot on their trail. The chase soon has his two companions killed with Conan deciding to go back and get revenge by killing the shaman. He captures the shaman and ties him to a post. When N’Garthl comes Conan gives him a choice. Either try and take him and of course Conan will make it difficult. Or he can take the shaman all nice and easy for his needed third sacrifice. The shaman starts ordering N’Garthl around which seems to make up his mind in favor of Conan.

“Fool’s Night”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artists: Val Semeiks and Fraja Bator

It is night in the City of Wonders. Three groups of assassins are infiltrating the palace. They represent three different cults that Kull killed their leaders. These three groups meet up and end up killing each other. The surviving cultist enters Kull’s bedchamber but slips on a woman’s slipper and breaks his neck.

I love the adventures of Conan among the Picts. They seem to be my favorite. This was the setting for the first Conan stories I ever read. I think that the Dixon/Kwapisz/Chan team is the best since the old Thomas/Buscema/Chan team. The story was excellent with some really beautiful artwork. This was a time where Savage Sword was really getting back to its excellent days.

Dixon also with the Semeiks/Bator art had an enjoyable Kull backup feature going. This series was really getting back to its glory days.

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