“Blood Hunt”

Writer: Chuck Wendig

Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

Turok is facing the overload of the prison complex and his pet T-Rex. We get a flashback to Turok’s past and find out he is looking for his young daughter. How they got to the lost land is still unexplained. Anyway, Turok manages to avoid Karkaro the big T-Rex and shoot it in the mouth with an arrow. This punctures the brain and now the overload is at his mercy. Naturally the overload is very arrogant but before he can answer where Turok’s daughter is, some low-level flunky with a pistol tries to shoot Turok. Instead, he kills the overload and Turok then turns to interrogating him. He finds out all children are transported to the merchant city of Ak-Tha for the use by the Imperator.

“Doctor Spektor Part 7”

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson

Artist: Dylan Burnett

Doctor Spector gets a call from a former client. Some rich kid who tries to summon a demon now has another demon in his apartment. His parents are coming back soon and needs Spektor to get rid of it. He arrives and finds out the demon is a friend who is helping him get some extra money.

Back from my vacation. So sadly, the first comic I read in a while is not that very good. The main story we do find out what the motivation of Turok is. Which is good but otherwise a very simplistic story that our hero has no problem overcoming. Easily kills a T-Rex then through some attempt at humor has this loser kill the overload. Yet he finds out his daughter is now at some city.

Then there is the Spektor story which is really dumb. I have no interest in this character. Oh well, maybe his will get better.

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