“Master of the Broadsword”

Writer: Larry Yakata

Artists: Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan

Conan has gone to Khitai to hunt for the liver of the grizzly bear. He finds it and has to fight off some rival tribesmen. Along the way he meets an old swordmaster Sennan. Sennan has sold his soul to the dark god because he couldn’t defeat a Zembabwean and this wounded his pride. Now he wants to be free and needs Conan to kill him. Conan does but he disappears before he can carry it out. Along the way he fights the dark god Akema and a vengeful nobleman that Conan scarred.

“The Sea King”

Writer Charles Dixon

Artists: Val Semeiks and Mark Schultz

In and underwater city a wizard that Kull tossed into the sea has found worshippers. His severed head extols them to attack Kull as he visits the coast. These fish-men attack but are driven off. The fish-men decide to toss the severed head to an octopus.

This was bit of a mixed bag. The story was all over the place. Yet I found it interesting, and it had some beautiful artwork. As for the Kull story it was another excellent Dixon backup.

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