“Temple of the Dragon”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artists: John Buscema and Armando Gil

Conan and Fafnir rob the local dragon temple. They make off with a bunch of gold and a mirror. The priests are relieved that the gem for the mirror is still hidden under the statue. At the fence they sell the stuff and Conan gives the mirror to the shy daughter Nadine. Later at night she is looking at the mirror and the soul of the evil sorceress Thazarra takes over. Thazarra dresses up sexy and looks for thieves to steal the gem. She also drains men of their life force.

Conan goes out to look for her and is attacked by some thieves. They want the gem that they think he stole. This just gives Conan the idea to go back and steal it. The next night Conan with Fafnir and Nadine go to the temple and steal the gem. Conan puts it in the mirror, and this releases Thazarra for good. Only Conan threatens to kill Nadine’s body and forces Thazarra back in the mirror. Soon after the other thieves lead by a woman named Marta come. They threaten Nadine’s life, so Conan gives her the mirror. Thazarra takes over Marta just as the priests come. A fight ensues and Thazarra runs into a trap that cuts off her head and kills her. Conan, Fafnir and Nadine escape as the priest kill the thieves.

Well, this was a fun story. Conan and Fafnir doing some thievery and getting a cursed mirror. Goes back and forth with the sweet Nadine being possessed by the evil Thazarra. Ends with the thieves and Thazarra getting killed. A fun exciting story with some beautiful artwork. A good solid issue.

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