“Blood Hunt”

Writer: Chuck Wendigo

Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

The evil fascist saurions of the Varanid empire are taking prisoners to Terminal Market. Inside the wagon is Turok who let himself get caught. He smuggled weapons and a key so he can escape. He uses two other prisoners to cause a distraction. When he gets to the prison he breaks out and starts to free the other prisoners. This is a distraction but doesn’t work. The guards shoot a dart into his neck and knocks him out. Fortunately, the two he teamed up with managed to grab his pistol. They shoot the guards but now they have to deal with the prison overseer. He comes in riding a T-Rex named Karkaro.

“Doctor Spector Part 2”

Spektor needs rent money and gets a job from someone. A rich kid unleased the Demon Paimon. Spector has no trouble banishing this demon and collecting his money.

The first of this Turok and I have to say it is somewhat of a disappointment. This whole world doesn’t look at all like the lost land I know. The dinosaur-men look ridiculous, and the Nazi symbolism is a bit heavy handed. Turok was also changed from a Native American to a black guy. I suppose he might have 1/16th Cherokee but a strange race swap for a character. A simple story that so far fails to intrigue me.

As for the backup feature it sucks just like all the other Spektor stories suck. This dumb loser millennial has zero likability. Not a really good start to this series.

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