“Link One”

Writer: Tom Sniegoski

Artists: John Stinsman and Joe Weems

Reston Dane is traveling in his time ship when they come on an alternate reality that has strong necromantic energy. While this happens, Vampirella and a team from the Danse Macabre attack an abandoned factory in Massachusetts. A sacrifice is going on to a dark god. Back to the Earth that Dane finds, and it is one nasty place. He finds some demons in a dump truck hauling dead human bodies. They are attacked by the resistance and Dane finds out about this world. That the Chaoschild used Vampirella to give birth to his form. Now he controls the planet and is assembling an army of dinosaurs to conquer other realities. Back in time, Vampirella and company interrogate a captured demon from the raid and find out that Chaoschild will rule all. Suddenly Dane appears looking for Vampirella.

Harris had acquired the characters from the old Warren comics. This series is meant to introduce the Rook. This Rook is very different. He wears some advanced suit and flies around in a tear dropped shape ship called Slough. No leisure suit or castle shaped craft. It involves this nasty evil that is the personification of chaos. It manages to enter the world through Vampirella. So far, I find this an interesting story. A story filled with colorful characters and an intriguing premise. Looking forward to this interpretation of the classic Rook character.

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