“2 of 4”

Writers: Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier

Artists: Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates

Sergio is chased by a lion as Mark goes for help. The sole employee is leaving because it’s his time to quit. Mark can’t get the police because they are at Comic-Con dressed as zombies. Mark also has to get to Comic-Con because he is on many many panels. Fortunately for Sergio the lion chasing him is friendly. Sergio decides to emulate his hero Tarzan and sleep in the tree for the night. There he has dreams of Tarzan.

Tarzan has tracked the slavers to Pal-Ul-Don. They take a shot at him but miss and Tarzan escapes into the trees. He tracks them to their camp and manages to steal many of their rifles during the night. He wonder thought how he will stop the slavers without an army.

In Ungara, the people are trying to hide all their food including the rancid stuff. They are too late as Groo and Rufferto come and start to eat everything. The village gets their two greatest warriors to try and chase off Groo. Naturally Groo easily best them and this little fray gets him in the mood for more. He attacks all the warriors and decides to follow the World’s Greatest Cheese Dip sign into the mountains. The villagers are ecstatic since no one has ever returned from these mountains.

Groo follows the path to a cave that leads to a strange land. He manages to hunt a gazelle and eat it. The smell of the food brings Tarzan. Tarzan has never seen such a strange creature. The smell has also brought the slavers. While back in Chula Vista, Sergio loses his cell in the stomach of a hippopotamus. An unfriendly lion chases him into the reptile house. Only all the cages are broken and he is now trapped with snakes.


A one-page strip that has Rufferto lost in tall grass. He sees a giraffe and climbs up its neck to find Groo.

The second issue is another brilliant one. Sergio is lost in Chula Vista and has his own goofy adventures. Mark decides that Comic-Con is more important than rescuing his friend. Tarzan finds the slavers and also finds Groo. Ends with a big fray between all three coming up. I love how Yeates and Sergio can combine their artwork so seamlessly. A real fun series that pays homage to both Tarzan and Groo.

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