“End of the Golden Age”

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Johnny Desjardins

Magnus travels back 50,000 years to the place where the Lost Valley exists. Using his machine, he manages to bring all the times together at the same time. He meets Samson and Andar in the future with the bone keys. Using them they manage to save time from the black blob creature. Only stuff is altered like Magnus is now a woman and the other Sovereigns are also different. Samson retains the memory but is now in an altered future world.

“Doctor Spektor Part 5”

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson

Artist: Dylan Burnett

Dr. Spektor is attacked by some demons that he owes money to. Luckily a Frankenstein monster that is his roommate comes to help him out.

Well, this series comes to an end. Apparently, its purpose was to show why these classic Gold Key characters changed into the new woke versions. A bit of lazy writing to have Magnus just travel in time and use his machine to set everything alright. I was expecting something different and am a bit disappointed in the series. Got it for the upcoming Turok and I have a feeling that that won’t be very good. Oh well you got to try new stuff now and then. Knowing what I know now I think I wouldn’t have bothered with this series. Don’t really recommend it.

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