“The Autumn of the Witch”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artists: Mike Docherty and Fraja Bator

A young noblewoman named Vitellia is about to be put to death for being a witch. Her husband died of a mysterious disease and her brothers accused her. Unless a champion fights for her then she will be judged by trial by torture. Conan has been hired to be her champion. He arrives in time and defeats the elder brother. Now Conan has won both Vitellia’s lands and that of her accusers. Conan goes about getting ready to sell these lands. The brothers still want revenge and the elder one with some of his men attack Conan. Conan manages to kill them then goes and visits the other brothers. He brings the body of their brother back and the next brother sets his falcon at Conan. Only the falcon turns on the brother and he dies of the disease. The final brother also attacks Conan and dies of this disease. Conan starts to have his suspicions that Vitellia maybe is a witch. When a servant dies opening a parchment that was for Conan he has his proof. Vitallia turns into a monster and Conan captures her and turns her over to the king for execution as a witch.

“Beneath the Crown…A Warrior!”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artist: Val Semeiks

Kull is coming back after defeating the Commorians. A group of mercenaries decide they want their money now instead of sticking to their vow of going back to the capital. The leader who is also an Atlantean challenges Kull to a fight to determine if the mercenaries stay or leave. Kull wins.

This was an OK issue. The story was a bit goofy with Conan getting involved with some woman to defend her of a witch accusation. It does start out as an innocent woman being set up by her greedy brothers-in-law. As it goes on, we do find that she really is a witch and was using Conan. Not a bad story just something that didn’t really appeal to me. More of a ho-hum story.

The Kull backup was excellent as usual. An OK if not really excellent.

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