“1 of 4”

Writers: Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier

Artists: Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates

Sergio and Mark are attending Comic-con. A panel for Groo actually gets some fans and they announce that the next Groo will crossover with Tarzan. Sergio also announces that he and Mark will go to Chula Vista Safari Park to research for it. Mark hears that the place is bankrupt and a condemned rathole. Later Sergio gets angry that everyone confuses him with the guy who wrote Spy vs. Spy for Mad. That is except the beautiful girl who he sketches a wall sized drawing for.

That night Sergio is reading his old Tarzan comics and dreams of Tarzan. Tarzan is summoned by the local constabulary to listen to a man’s story. He is a sponge diver and saw a slave ship. He recovered a bracelet they threw over to help Tarzan in his quest to find the slavers. At this time Groo and Rufferto have wandered into the village of Kaya. The tannery attracts Groo who starts to eat the skins in dung filled water. The elders of the village come up with a plan to get rid of Groo. They tell him that the best cheese dip in the world is located at Ungara. They then by drums warn Ungara and tell them to lead him away with promises of cheese dip somewhere else.

Tarzan continues his search for the slavers. He finds an old man that points the direction they went. It is to the land of Pal-Ul-Don. Groo comes to Ungara and they point him to another area. In our world Sergio and Mark go to Chula Vista with Sergio dressed as an explorer with a BB gun. They arrive at the safari park which does look run down. Mark hears the city plans to tear it down to build a slum in its place. After paying $60 bucks apiece they start the tour. Sergio has to get out to have his picture taken which is against the rules. A lion comes and chases after Sergio.


A short story on the back cover. Rufferto sees some birds flying away and comes on a nest of eggs. He has visions of birds to cook as they hatch. Only they are crocodile eggs and has to flee as the parents come back.

After the successful Conan crossover Sergio gets to do Tarzan. Yeates was an artist born to draw Tarzan and Sergio an artist born to draw Groo. Combining the two and you get a very beautiful issue. The Tarzan parts looks like a classic Tarzan story and the Groo parts are very much classic Groo. As a bonus Sergio and Mark insert themselves in the story. Fun humor with everyone thinking he did the Spy vs. Spy story. I actually thought that Sergio did do them. Learn something new every day. A fun and enjoyable story with plenty of humor that only Groo can deliver.

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