“Case# 0005 Death is Driving!”

Writer: Joe Gill

Artist: Pete Morisi

The Vengeance Squad are parachuting into southern France. They are there to take out a heroin lab located in a chateau. Armed with Thompson submachineguns and grenades they take out a Maxim firing at them. Then Tulsa slugs the leader who is wearing a mask with a cape and cowl. This pussy just runs away and detonates the chateau. The squad has a limo waiting for them after this that takes them to Monte Carlo.

Once checked into a premium hotel they get down to tracking the elusive leader of the heroin operation. They throw around money and buy sports cars with cash while bragging about how they took out the heroin lab. The car salesman is observed by Candy at the beach telling a shady man. This man Marco Poleau is a suspected criminal. Later that day Poleau tries to run Redd off the highway but gets run off instead. So then Poleau kidnaps Candy and takes her to his yacht. Only Candy manages to escape and set off the bomb trap and destroy the yacht. Now Poleau has to race Redd in the Grand Prix. A race that sees Poleau die after crashing over the cliff.

“The Frame”

Writer: Nicola Cuti

Artist: Joe Staton

Mauser has just hired a secretary at his sister insistence. He hires Bambi a blonde bimbo with a heavy New York accent. She also can’t type or take dictation which is fine with Mauser. He hates a know it all. Mauser gets an assignment from Stu Canfield who runs a collection agency. A painting for $50 needs to be collected on a deadbeat. Mauser has an easy time collecting the painting which is stolen by a thug while walking through the streets. Mauser gives chase and hears the sound of three silenced pistol shots. He finds the thug shot dead. Mauser takes the picture and throws away the frame.

At the office he calls Stu and finds out that the frame is also worth a lot of money and has to go get it. Only he finds it missing and thinks that Bambi is the one who took it. She was the only one he told where the frame was and she immediately had to go take care of a sick mother. He goes to her apartment and finds Stu there. Bambi tried to steal the gems in the frame and Mauser is forced to shoot Stu. Bambi insists she was of course framed.

“Rule of Fear”

Writer: Unknown

Candy Orr goes to a shopping mall and rescues a woman being mugged. She offers to teach her and her friends some self defense moves. Later she finds out that they successfully fought off muggers.

Another fun issue. This was a Modern reprint which first introduced me to the series. It has this creepy guy who wears a goofy mask and cape. I love how Redd manages to shoot a grenade out of the air and explode it with his Thompson. These guys just have tons of money. They have a limo waiting to pick them up after a mission. They pay cash for two sports cars. Vengeance is good business. Of course Redd is so committed to getting the bad guys he has no time to rest in Monte Carlo. They have a new mission at the end.

The Mauser story was exceptional this issue. He gets a bimbo secretary who is working against him. Mauser will take anything even a job to collect a $50 painting. I suppose $50 was a lot back in the seventies. Ends with a great pun.

Finally the prose story was an enjoyable one. Candy Orr beats up some punks and teaches the local ladies to defend themselves. All around a fun and enjoyable issue.

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