“The Sea Mage’s Daughter”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artist: Gary Kwapisz

A Zingaran merchant ship is attacked by Conan who is captain of The Wastrel. They successfully capture the ship but it has nothing but a Zingaran nobleman guarded by some elite guards. This noble has a message tattooed on his chest. It is an offer from Zingara to Argos to join forces and wipe out the Barachan pirates. Conan then goes to Baracha to warn his fellow pirates. Now Conan was banished by three of the pirate captains in charge. Yet Conan ends up killing two of them and making an alliance with the third. To defeat the combined Zingaran/Argossean fleet they need help from a mage that can control the winds. This they get by kidnapping his daughter. The mage helps and they defeat the fleet but the rival captain decides to kidnap the daughter for himself. Conan pursues and they end up on the beach. Here the mage comes and reveals himself as Triton the god of the sea. He turns the Barachan captain into salt and takes his daughter.

“The Barrens”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artist: Val Semeiks

Brule is riding ahead of the army to forage for food. He comes on a village and is captured by deserters who have taken over. They take Brule out to hang him on a cross but Kull and the main force arrives. Kull kills the deserters and frees his friend.

This was a good issue. I loved this wild story that had Conan go all over the place. What really made it for me was Kwapisz’s art. He gave all the pirates their own looks including scars and such touches as shrunken head necklaces. There was some beautiful naval battle scenes including one big two page spread. I also loved he had plenty of sharks grabbing people.

The Kull backup starred Brule and was also a good story. Brule didn’t do much except get kidnapped but it still was an entertaining story.

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