“Destroyer in the Flame”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artist: John Buscema

Conan and Fafnir stop at a tavern in a city. Meanwhile far away the Brotherhood of the Falcon have chosen a new leader. The old one gets killed by falcons with steel claws because he failed to kill Conan. The Brotherhood then gets a message from Jerghl Zadh a demon that Conan defeated ten issues ago. He will lead the Brotherhood to Conan and he does. They find Conan and Fafnir and attack. The two manage to fight them off and steal a horse to ride away. The Falconmen give chase. Conan tries to jump into a river but Jerghl sets it on fire. Then he turns the grass in a swamp to snakes. This forces Conan and Fafnir to climb a cliff to escape. After battling the hunting falcons released at them, they reach the top of the mountain. There they find a temple that was an old one of Jerghl Zadh long ago. Now he has Conan where he wants him. He sends his spirit to take over Conan. Only Conan puts out the torch and Jerghl instead occupies Conan’s image in a mirror. Conan then shatters the mirror and the whole temple collapses. It also takes out the Falconmen that were climbing the cliff.

Fleisher brings back two of Conan’s adversaries in this issue. The reliable Brotherhood of the Falcon and the interdimensional demon Jerghl Zadh. These two get together for their revenge. I have to say that for a feared assassin guild and ancient powerful demon these two are bumbling idiots. Conan reduces them so easily. A good story and I like how Fafnir gives Conan a companion to talk to and share some adventures.

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