Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Jonathan Lau

Red Sonja confronts Vampirella in a city circa 1971. Sonja finds out that Vampirella is very strong and powerful. Yet Sonja starts to master her own new suit and weapons. The two put up a good fight that takes them all over the city. They destroy all kinds of stuff until Sonja manages to tie up Vampirella using her suit. Others come from the project and stop Sonja from killing Vampirella. We find out at the end that some powerful threat has destroyed a plural Earth and might threaten all the Earths.

The final issue was basically a big smackdown fight between Sonja and Vampirella. I haven’t read Vampirella’s series so I don’t know how this came about. It was a good fight issue. Both girls showed they were powerful and someone to recon with. Sonja does win since this is her series. Ends with the hint of an upcoming Vampirella vs. Red Sonja series. So far haven’t heard of this being released but sounds promising. This was a well done and tightly written series. Did a good job of introducing the reader like me who has no idea what the Project Superpowers are about. One of the better Sonja crossovers.

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