“End of the Golden Age”

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Johnny Desjardins

Magnus has a brief period where he died because he was mentally linked to Dr. Spektor when he died. Luckily his computer manages to revive him. Solar discusses with her computer what is going on. We find out Magnus traveled back from 4000AD. In the future Samson battles some giant cat creature. After defeating it he then is confronted by Andar. Samson knocks the pistol from Andar’s hand after he shoots Samson. Samson talks with Andar and we find out that Samson is looking for two bone keys that belong to Solar and Magnus. He already has Turok and Spektor’s bone keys. Back in the present a huge explosion destroys Solar’s power station and she finds herself in the Lost Valley facing the giant black blob.

“Turok Part 4”

Writer: Chuck Wendig

Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

The evil dinosaur mayor plans to sell Turok to the Varanids. He is going to shoot the young dinosaur man who was going to elope with his daughter. His daughter grabs a Jack Daniel bottle and cracks it over her father’s head. This causes a distraction that Turok grabs an AK and shoots the guards and the mayor.

The story is getting more interesting. We find out a bit about Magnus. We find out that Solar built some station that gives the world free solar power. In the future Samson is on a quest to find the bone keys of the Sovereigns of the Earth which are the various main characters. They all have died and the Moon blew up and took out Solar. Andar survived the creature that killed Turok and is now stuck in the future. Interesting story.

As for the Turok backup it is short and will be continued in Magnus which I don’t have. I will continue Turok’s adventures in his own series after the Sovereigns. Somehow I have a feeling I won’t care for this.

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