“End of the Golden Age”

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Johnny Desjardins

50,000 years in the past Tragg and Loren lead their people to a new valley. In the future Dr. Spektor battles some evil presence in the Lost Valley. Magnus hears that some refugees lost their lives trying to enter so he holds a press conference. He warns that something has taken over the Lost Valley and nobody should try to enter. The press of course asks all sorts of dumb questions. Magnus gets a message from Dr. Spektor. Spektor warns that this evil is very powerful and a threat to the entire world. Spektor then dies in a horrible fashion.

“Turok Part 3”

Writer: Chuck Wendig

Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

Turok with Arthok have arrived at Railtown to rescue Arthok’s love. Turok’s plan is to knock out Arthok and take him to the mayor for a reward. Only the mayor recognizes Turok and knows that there is a large reward for him.

They brought back Tragg. They didn’t do much with him but it was cool to see he wasn’t forgotten. Maybe someday they will give that character a new series. Anyway, the story was OK. Not a lot happened except Magnus comes to the realization that something big is happening that is a threat. Dr. Spektor gets killed by being torn apart so we know that this bad thing is really dangerous. It does keep my interest to find out what happens.

The Turok story was short and apparently is being run in the other titles. Seems Dynamite decided to plant cross stories in all the titles to sell books. Anyway, Turok gets captured by a big evil dinosaur man wearing a tie. This was too short to give a good judgement but this just doesn’t seem like the Turok I knew.

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