“Reunion in Scarlet”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artists: Mike Docherty & Rudy Nebres

Valeria of the Red Brotherhood has the family of Pneumitis after her. They send a bounty hunter named Garth after her. Only Garth is a cowardly braggart and the men he hired are killed by Valeria and Conan. Conan captures Garth and forces him to arrange a meeting with Pneumitis. At this meeting Conan negotiates a price to get him to leave Valeria alone. They have to steal the Chalice of Tarim. It is guarded in a fortress by fanatical followers. With Valeria and the cowardly Garth, they manage to sneak in and steal it. Only Pneumitis betrays the agreement and tries to kill them. This of course ends in disaster as Conan and Valeria make short work of him. Valeria parts company and Conan and Garth are captured by the priests of Tarim. Garth being a coward convinces them to let him go. He then finds Valeria and the two rescue Conan.

“The Carrion Eaters”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artist: Pablo Marcos

After a battle with the Commorians only Kull and a Commorian survive. The Commorian is determined to kill Kull but the fight is interrupted by scavengers of the dead. The two join forces and the Commorian sacrifices his life to save Kull. Kull takes him back to his camp and has a funeral pyre for this brave warrior.

This story brought the character of Valeria back and it was an interesting idea. There was clear love between the two but Valeria rightly recognized that both were leaders and not followers. The two would eventually just not get along so Conan reluctantly lets her go. A fun story with many adventures. A double-crossing merchant. A group of religious fanatics. Garth was actually a character you came to like. He was a very cowardly braggart but also proved himself a loyal follower. A good solid story.

The Kull backup by Dixon was of course excellent. A short story of two rival warriors that have to join forces against the cowardly scavengers of the dead. Ends with an enemy saving Kull’s life and his honoring of that enemy. A great short story in the tradition of the character and REH.

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