Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Jonathan Lau

Skarab Nor has captured the superpower team with some magical creature. He is going to sacrifice them when Sonja appears. She at first acts like she wants to join him and serve him. This works for her to get close enough to chop off the sorcerer’s hands. Separated from his scepter of power he is vulnerable. Yet Skarab Nor has power to send his creature after Sonja. Only this also loosens it’s hold on Vana. She manages to create a forcefield to shield Sonja. She also conjures up a sword for her to use. Sonja then kills Skarab Nor and ends the threat he poses to the world. The superpower team then invites her to join the project. Sonja does agree to accompany them back to their base and see what it has to offer.

This was an interesting story. I like how Sonja defeats this all-powerful sorcerer. She did do it with a little help from the super team but she pretty much saved the day. So, they decided to offer her a position with their organization. Considering Sonja hates magic which is what all this technology seems like, I have some doubts of this working out. Also, if I have any complaint about this issue, it seemed too short. Otherwise, this is an enjoyable series.


  1. wtf is it with these photo covers? Are they alternates or the actual standard covers? Jeez. I guess they know their audience.

    I miss the Frank Thorne days. His Sonja was sexy but also had some real European style to it, some class and sophistication. As a teen I didn’t really understand that, but crikey, we had it so good back then.


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