“The Beginning of the End”

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Johnny Desjardins

In 2020 Oslo Magnus gets a visit from a probe he sent five years ago to the Lost Valley. It reports that Turok is dead. So, Magnus goes to Dr. Spektor to find out more. Spektor says that he would have sensed the death of Turok and even after seeing the images from the probe refuses to believe it. After all images can be faked. So, Magnus goes to Solar in orbit. There he finds out that the Lost Valley moves in time. Which is why his probe took so long and Spektor can’t sense Turok’s death. Meanwhile in 2520 Samson continues his quest on a deserted Earth. He has to battle a living tree. At the end Dr. Spektor goes to the Lost Valley and comes face to face with the black blob that killed Turok.


Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Jorge Fornes

In 2020 New York Dr. Magnus who in this story is a woman has an appointment with a robot named Eugene. She has a session with him to find out why Eugene is acting so strangely.

The second issue now gives us the mystery of Turok’s death which looked like it happened when he confronted the black blob. We get an introduction to Magnus, Dr. Spektor and Solar. The writer did a good job of introducing these characters. The reader gets a good sense of their personalities. So far, I am intrigued with the direction of this story. I am really still interested in the Samson future. That has some real possibilities. I also notice that the characters in the Sovereigns don’t match the other stories. Plus, they only set it in what is three years in the future now a year in the past. They have some very advanced ideas for this futuristic 2020. I suppose this world is an alternate one. Otherwise, the Magnus short with the female version was way too short to properly judge. It might or might not be good. Which I guess is better than not being good right off the bat.

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