“End of the Golden Age”

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Johnny Desjardins

2525 and Samson arrives at the ruins of San Francisco. The Earth has been destroyed and he comes to fight this large black blob. Then we jump to 2020 in the Lost Land. King Turok is celebrating his rule. He has brought peace and prosperity to the valley. Yet a storm comes and he knows it brings evil. So he mounts a raptor and with some of his followers rides out to confront this new evil. It is the same black blob that Samson is confronting in the future.


Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Jorge Fornes

It is 2020 and a blue figure runs through a city filled with other aliens and old ancient buildings. This figure named Cliff is chased by a woman. The woman captures him and forces him back to some place. We switch to an office and find out she has captured an AI program for a young girls toy dog.


Writer: Chuck Wendig

Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

2017 in the Lost Valley. Two dinosaur men are dragging another behind them as they ride raptors. They talk about taking their prisoner to a tar pit because he dared love the daughter of Hysthrak. These dinosaur men are ambushed by Turok who wants to know the location of a young girl.

“Doc Spektor”

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson

Artist: Dylan Burnett

A young loser goes to the park in New York 2017 to bang on a drum for rent money. Some creature takes his money and this loser goes away to find some better way to make money.

“Discussing the Sovereigns with the Writers of Issue #0”

Byron Brewer interviews Ray Fawkes, Chuck Wendig, Aubrey Sitterson and Kyle Higgins about what they plan to do. It is mostly a fluff piece that goes on about the classic series and how they love what they are doing.

So this series is an introduction to the rebooting of classic Gold Key characters. I got it because of the Turok that was coming out. For the most part it is a mixed bag. I enjoyed the main story with Samson and Turok. Sets up this evil entity that was responsible for destroying the world. A very intriguing idea. I was especially interested in the future world of Samson.

We also get some glimpses of the upcoming characters in three short stories. Once again a mixed bag. The Magnus one was the most interesting with some woman recovering rogue AIs trying to escape in the cloud. The Turok one was somewhat interesting. The Spektor one was just dumb. The writer in the interview goes on about this millennial loser which is something I have absolutely no interest in. This guy was a dumb dipshit loser. Otherwise an issue with some promise.

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