“Secret of the Great Stone”

Writer: Larry Yakata

Artist: Ernie Chan

Conan is fighting a group of mercenaries in the Kezankian mountains. He gets forced off a cliff and slides down the snow covered hill. Only he suddenly finds himself in a cave. Two old witches have transported him. They have this bet that he can be corrupted and turned from his destiny. So Conan after fighting a snow worm exits to a desert village with a monolith. He has to fight snakes and some bandits. A local girl lures him to the monolith where a giant bat creature emerges. Conan manages to kill it and the locals make him king. The witches then reveal themselves and tell him of their bet. The one witch has such confidence that Conan will choose his power over helping a child.

Conan decides to rescue the child of the king by going into the doorway of the monolith. It transports him to another world with dinosaurs. He rescues a young girl from a giant ogre. Arriving back he gets ambushed by the bounty hunters from the beginning. Conan of course easily defeats them. He takes the rightful heir to the village. Only the young girl then turns into a huge monster and destroys the village. She was put their by her father because she was evil. She spares Conan and his woman and takes off. The witch who bet against Conan comes at him angry but he manages to cut her head off. Then with his woman heads off for new adventures.

“The Debt of the Warrior”

Writer: Larry Yakata

Artists: Michael Docherty and James Baldwin

Conan rescues a blind woman and her two children from a group of bandits. The woman is there to get a new husband and has the treasure for a dowry. We find out that her husband was killed by Conan and Conan vowed to the defeated warrior to watch over his family. Conan manages to take some of the treasure to buy a cure for the woman. The woman gets her sight back and sees that her benefactor is Conan. She still hates him and her son vows to kill him when he grows up.

This was a very weird issue. The main story has Conan being the pawn of two old hags bet. He travels to different locations and fight various monsters and men. The story was a bit confusing in I didn’t really understand the bet these two witches made. Yet it had some beautiful full page artwork with weird monsters and equally fierce men.

The backup was an interesting story even if the artwork was not up to par. Conan helps a blind widow who thinks Conan is very nice and even tries to hire him to kill Conan. Conan helps her but she finds out he killed her husband. Like I said this was a weird issue but not an uninteresting one.

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