Writer: Mike Wolfer

Artist: Fritz Casas

Bowen Tyler is a prisoner of the Alus. They want him to teach how to fire his rifle. So they put a baby dinosaur out to lure in a sabretooth. Then Bowen is pushed off a cliff. He has no choice but to use the rifle and fires. He misses but the noise scars the sabretooth away. Just then a tribe of Band-lu attack and take Bowen prisoner. Now they want Bowen to show them how to use the rifle.

Lys and Co-tan hear the shot while being confronted by See-ta on her dinosaur. See-ta wants to know what happened to the baby dinosaur of the one she rides. Lys and Co-tan run off in the direction of the gunshot. They come on Alus and Band-lu fighting. See-ta also joins because the Band-lu have the baby dinosaur. Lys manages to grab a pistol and save Bowen. As Co-tan is introduced, Lys is grabbed by a Weiroo.

This was a very fast paced story. Yet it flowed nicely and was easy to follow. The Alus and Band-lu were pretty dumb which is how I could imagine Burroughs portraying them. A fun story with another cliffhanger ending.

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