Writer: Mike Wolfer

Artist: Fritz Casas

Bowen Tyler and Lys La Rouge have just thrown the thermos with their message into the ocean. Now they wander Caspak looking for their friends. They run into a pack of hyenas and run into a giant spider. They survive this but are later attacked by the Alus while crossing a river. Lys gets separated from Bowen. She does run into a woman being attacked by the Alus. Lys helps her defeat her attackers and finds out she is a Galu named Co-tan. Co-tan agrees to help Lys track down the Alus that took Bowen. The trail leads through a swamp and the two are confronted by See-ta the cursed riding a brontosaurus.

Another entry in the Land That Time Forgot. This one is the story of how Bowen and Lys met See-ta. It also brings in another Burroughs character in Co-tan from the third book in the series. Like all of Wolfer’s stories this is a tightly written and fast paced adventure. Told with a minimum of dialogue or exposition we get an entertaining story. This fells like a Burroughs story and I am enjoying this origin of a popular character from the comic series.

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