Writer: Mike Wolfer

Artist: Alessandro Ranaldi

Zorro and Fausto manage to defeat the Spanish soldiers they confronted. One surrenders and tells them that the plan was to murder all the crew. This guy then gets plucked by a pterodactyl. So Zorro and Fausto split up with Fausto looking for his sister Marina while Zorro goes to the crashed Sky Cutter. Marina with her new Galu friend Koh-Ra are attacked by some Kro-lu. Luckily a T-Rex chases the Kro-lu away but then starts to chase after Marina and Koh-Ra. Zorro attacks captain Quintada and his remaining soldiers. Zorro manages to defeat them except almost gets killed by Quintada. Fausto who found his sister and Koh-Ra arrive in time to save Zorro. Zorro and the Capronis manage to salvage a workable balloon to get back to the ship. They decide to keep Caprona a mystery to protect it from the outside world.

This was an excellent ending to an excellent series. Zorro saves the Capronis and they manage to escape the land. A fun story with plenty of action that was told in pictures and minimum of dialogue. The sign of a good writer. Wolfer did a great job of integrating Zorro into the world of Caspak. It was believable and stayed true to both worlds. Never was a big Zorro fan but I can see checking out some of the Zorro titles which Wolfer also writer.

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