“The Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh!”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artists: Gary Kwapisz & Bob Camp

Conan goes after the fleeing wizard after he defeats the three-headed dragon. He jumps on a giant dragonfly and goes after the wizard. Only the winged warriors of Akah Ma’at ambush and capture Conan. They take him to their city where Conan convinces the king he is on their side. He gets a giant hawk and takes off for Ur-Xanarrah where the evil wizard has gone to sell the power cylinder. The wizard gets an audience with the king of Ur-Xanarrah but gets killed instead of the payment he wanted. Conan gets captured by Ur-Xanarrah bat-men and tortured. He manages to break free and somehow find the power cylinder. He steals another giant dragonfly and take off for Akah Ma’at. He arrives but the forces of Ur-Xanarrah are just behind him and it is too late to power up the barrier. So Conan leads them in a big fight that defeats the bat-men. Conan kills the king but not before getting wounded. Alhambra the woman warrior arrives in time to save Conan. She takes him back to Earth and leaves him in front of a peasant’s hut.

OK well this was a wild issue. Conan just goes jumping on all these giant flying creatures without any trouble. He easily convinces the easygoing king of Akah Ma’at to help him. Gets captured again and undergoes torture. Breaks his bonds and conveniently finds the cylinder and another giant dragonfly. Rallies the bird-men and kills the king. Oh and the hot bird-woman wasn’t dead and brings him back to Earth.

Yes this was as absurd as it sounded. A never ending string of convenient plot points that seem contrived. I feel that Fleisher was in a bit of a hurry to finish this. What is it with the awkward names with this guy. This issue was chalk full of them. Still it had a charm to it. I found it interesting and you can’t fault it for being slow. This was assistant editors mouth which means that there is something funny in the issue. Instead of the letter column we get a treatise on Julius Cesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars that morphs into a hilarious review of the new Jaws 3-D movie. Never seen this movie and feel that I am not missing anything.

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