Writer: Mike Wolfer

Artist: Alessandro Ranaldi

Zorro, Fausto and Marina have been split up after escaping the Spanish. Fausto runs into a group of primitives that attack him. He knocks one over a cliff and into a river. After firing his pistol that scares off the rest. Zorro has a fight with a T-Rex. He carves a Z on it’s snout and manages to elude it until some giant bees come to distract it. The primitive that Fausto knocked over the cliff is rescued by Marina. They have to fight off another dinosaur and take shelter in a cave behind a waterfall. The Spanish have started taking the crew out into the jungle to execute them. Fausto and Zorro start a fight with the party they run into.

This is a fun issue. We get to see Zorro have a sword fight with a T-Rex and come out the winner. The Spanish are going to coldly execute all the Italian sailors to claim Caprona for Spain. Marina finds a handsome primitive named Koh-Ra and there is an obvious attraction between them. A really fun story that mixes the swashbuckling of Zorro with the ERB adventure of Caspak.

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