Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Lo Pan has joined forces with Ching Dai and has won. Jack is now stuck back in his Florida exile. A defeated man which makes Lo Pan happy. He shows Jack the severed head of Wang and opens a crevasse which swallows Winona and Miao. Lo Pan then goes to conquer Heaven. Jack gets a visit from the ghost of Egg telling him that it is all up to him now to save Heaven. Soon after Thunder appears to torture Jack. He tries all sorts of fiendish tortures but they have no effect. Jack is too depressed. Jack does offer to let Thunder kill him if he will tell Wang’s army to assault the Tower of Skulls. Thunder agrees and then breaks Jack’s neck.

Jack finds himself at the Pearly Gates but has to pass the gatekeeper who weighs the life of a soul. Starts out good for Jack until they get to him lying. He has told only the truth one out of seventy-three times. Then he started hitting on girls and discovered porn or as Jack says, “Porn discovered me.” He does get to the eighties and Jack saving the world. Only later he caused the apocalypse but that was for love. At the end the scale is equal which drives the gatekeeper nuts. Jacks does right for the wrong reasons and wrong for the right reasons. This contradiction explodes the gatekeeper’s head. Jack takes the key and enters Heaven.

He meets a giant puffer fish type creature who is the assistant. When he finds the gatekeeper dead he goes after Jack. Jack finds Wang in the waiting room waiting for his family. He tries to get him to help him in defeating Lo Pan. First though Wang introduces Jack to someone who has been waiting for him.. Gracie.

This has got to be the best issue of this series so far. Jack Burton in Heaven. It has some of the funniest humor I have ever read. It sets up this big battle coming for Heaven. It also introduces Jack’s old flame from the movie. This is a very creative story and I look forward to see how it ends.

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