“Part 2 Flight from Eden”

Writer: Robert Kanigher

Artist: Nestor Redondo

Abel has sufficiently recovered from the snakebite and heads out into the jungle to find Rima. He is confronted by a jaguar but Rima comes along. She can communicate with the jaguar. Abel finds out the story of Rima. That her grandfather Nuflo brought her to the jungle as a little girl after her mother died. She was able to make friends with all the animals and birds and insects. In fact her garment is made of spiderwebs. She takes Abel back and later he sees Nuflo with his two dogs go out into the jungle. He follows and finds him eating some animal he just hunted. Nuflo tells him that Rima does not allow eating meat and he has to sneak off to hunt. Abel joins him and they return to his hut to find Rima. She knows he ate meat and goes away angry.

So Abel returns to the Indian village and they welcome him with a feast. He tells of his adventures but they still think Rima is an evil witch. So later at night he has to go back to find Rima. He does find her and she also missed him and they kiss. They both go back to Nuflo’s hut and have some yummy grass soup. Rima has decided she wants to see the outside world.

“Li’l Brontosaurus”

Writer & Artist: Unknown

A little brontosaurus sees his reflection in the river and goes to a little mammoth with a story of seeing a horrible monster. The mammoth goes and sees his reflection and runs away in terror.

“The Delta Brain”

Writer: Robert Kanigher

Artist: Alex Nino

The tombs that the Space Voyagers have found are an illusion by the Delta Brain. This giant brain in a glass container needs humans to service it’s machines. Long ago it controlled humans on it’s planet but a plague wiped them out. When the voyagers arrive it telegrafts the brains of them onto it’s machines. Only the rebellious spirit of humans makes the machines revolt and everything is destroyed. The Space Voyagers continue on their exploration of the galaxy.

“The Riddle of the Didi”

Writer: Allen Asherman

An article on the Daughter of the Didi which was a story of a white woman who inhabited a region of Guyana on the Venezuela border. A failed revolutionary named Abel was the first outsider to venture into this region. He tells of a woman that controlled the animals. Basically what this comic is based on.

Well there is a lot to unpack with this issue. First is we get an origin for Rima. A very vague one where she just seems to bond with all the animals as a girl. She is a militant vegetarian and poor Abel and her grandfather get ignored for eating meat. Yet she of course falls in love with the first man who ever visited her. Ends with her wanting to see the place where her mother came from. So the next issue should be interesting to see how Rima reacts to the outside world.

We get a short hokey little one page story from the fifties. Plus an article on what sounds like a real life Rima existing and where the story idea came from.

Finally is another Space Voyagers installment. So basically the planet they landed on with the tombs with their images was an illusion. Generated by a huge brain that wanted to enslave the crew so they could service it’s machines. Naturally introducing human rebellious spirit to the machines causes them to all go kablooie and free the human crew. OK some of this stuff is a bit hokey for a modern audience but I found it enjoyable.

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