“Part 1 Spirit of the Woods”

Writer: Robert Kanigher

Artist: Nestor Rodondo

A man is wandering through the Venezuelan jungle after being bitten by a bushmaster. He collapses and finds himself in the hut of an old man. The snakebite victim tells his story. He is Abel and was part of a failed revolution against the military regime. After the defeat and his friends were executed, Abel made his way into the Amazon. He heard of tribes that had gold which he could use to help the revolution. Instead he is taken in by a peaceful tribe. While staying with them he is drawn to a forbidden part of the jungle. There he meets a beautiful blonde woman. He sees a bushmaster snake at her feet and tries to push her out of the way. Only the snake was guarding her and bites the man for attacking the girl. At the end Abel finds out that it wasn’t the old man who saved him but his granddaughter Rima.

“Four Tombs!”

Writer: Jack Oleck

Artist: Alex Nino

The Space Voyagers an explorer vessel with four crew come on a new planet. They go down to explore and find footprints leading into the jungle. Following they come on an old man being attacked by a giant insect. Their laser guns have no effect on the insect so they lure it into some sharp giant thorns. This impales it and they save the old man. The old man leads them to a mausoleum with four tombs. On each of the tombs is an image of each of the crew.

This jungle girl series came out back in the early seventies with beautiful Joe Kubert covers. It was based on a book written back in 1904 called Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest by W.H. Hudson. It actually predates Tarzan by a few years. I believe that the first four issues adapt the book. Interesting that the writer and artist are uncredited but my research shows Kanigher and Redondo are responsible. Why they weren’t credited is a mystery. Anyway another cool sexy jungle chick adventure and I love sexy jungle chicks. So far this series has plenty of potential.

The backup was a sci fi called the Space Voyagers. Like most of the backups of this time it was a completely different genre from the main series title. This was also a fun and enjoyable series that ends with an intriguing mystery for the reader.

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