Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Egg has found out from his book that the only way to defeat Ching Dai is for Jack to die. So he takes him aside and explains what he must do. Well instead of taking the offered angel’s blood to kill himself, Jack knocks out Egg and takes the book. He once again uses it to summon Ching Dai. The deal he makes with him is that he will not kill himself if Ching brings back Wang’s wife and daughter. Meanwhile Lo Pan and Wang find Egg and revive him. They go after Jack and find the blood wall his ceremony erected. They use negative energy to break through and find Miao and Winona brought back to life. They figure out that Ching got them from Heaven which still exists. Only this is bad for now Ching has a bridge to Heaven and can now conquer paradise. So Jack and friends get ready to once again confront Ching Dai and save everything.

This was a fun issue. So Jack gets Ching to bring back Miao and Winona who are the wife and daughter of Wang. We find out Heaven is still around and in danger. There is this whole speech that Lo Pan gives on how dangerous Jack is because he is the stupidest man alive. That he is the god of uselessness and gods are hard to kill. This series really has a lot of humor and heart to it.

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