“Lords of the Falcon”

Writer: Larry Yakata

Artist: Ernie Chan

In the province of Tranicos the baron Gwal is very old and senile. The Brotherhood of the Falcon has heard that he has hired Conan to help him run the province. They come up with a plan to get revenge. First they start a campaign of terror by killing peasants and burning farms. While Conan goes to investigate the three leaders visit Gwal as three kings from their own kingdoms. They tell how Conan did all these horrible things to their kingdoms. They each tell the Gwal something about their personal fears to gain his trust. The old man believes them and agrees to help. So when Conan comes back he is lured to an old tomb in the countryside. There he is locked in to starve to death. Yet Conan manages to dig himself out. He confronts the Gwal and learns of the Falconhood’s plan. Before the Gwal dies of old age he tells of these guys fears. So Conan tracks them down and gives them a taste of their fears. One is tied to a rock to drown when the tide comes in because he is afraid of drowning. The other is locked in the tomb because he fears enclosed spaces. The final guy is hung from a cliff because he fears height.

“The Boon”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artists: Sal Buscema and Roy Richardson

Conan is serving the king of Argos and they have just put down a rebellion. Now the captured rebels are being beheaded. Conan comes and finds his old friend to be executed soon. So he goes to the king to ask a favor. The king won’t spare him but does give his friend a last wish. That wish is for Conan to be his executioner.

This issue sees Yakata bringing back the old Fleisher villains of the Brotherhood of the Falcon. That super secret assassin organization that for some reason is made fools of by Conan. This story is no exception. A strange one with this old senile baron who is on death’s door hiring Conan to help him out. There is some weird stuff like the whole thing with the guys fears and Conan digging like a mole through the ground. Still it was an interesting story and Ernie Chan’s art was just beautiful. That alone was worth the read.

For the backup that was a short but very grim story. Has this executioner who is so tired he starts to mess up the ax swings. So I guess that Conan’s friend would rather have his execution done right. Which Conan does.

So on the whole a strange issue story wise but interesting none the less.

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