“Tower of Flame!”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Conan is riding through a city when he sees some thugs accosting a young woman. Being the chivalrous barbarian he saves her and ends up riding out of the city with her. He finds the woman to have a childlike innocence about her. She says that her live was spent in a flaming tower in the middle of an ice lake. That she escaped to see the wonders of the world but all she saw was poverty, hatred and violence. Just then a baron and his men arrive to take the woman. Conan fights and with the help of the woman, who has these mysterious powers, they escape. Conan takes her back to her tower and finds out she was actually some alien blob. Just then the baron arrives to take the alien for his own power. Conan defeats him but the alien is too weak and dies. Conan escapes the collapsing tower.

The big 150. Somewhat of a milestone for comics. This one sees the return of Michael Fleisher who now is scripting the color titles. This was an enjoyable issue. We have this mysterious woman with powers. An evil baron with the goofy name of Turb’Eq. Fleisher does love those Arabized weird awkward names. A supernatural creature that turns out to be an innocent that Conan befriends. There are some thing about Fleisher I don’t care for and his flippant dialogue is one. Conan is a taciturn barbarian and Fleisher has him always cracking jokes and sarcasm. A minor complaint as the story with the excellent Buscema/Chan art keeps the reader interested.

2 thoughts on “CONAN THE BARBARIAN #150

  1. Yeah Conan’s tricky to write, regards his own character. In the comics… well, its never Frazetta’s Conan in those Marvel strips, is it. Buscema gave Conan a more civilized look than the ‘real’ REH Conan, and that worked well enough in making him a likeable, relatable comics hero, but Roy Thomas was always careful not to Westernise/modernise Conan too much. A wisecracking Conan sounds like a step too far.

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