Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Jack Burton finds himself being tortured by a centaur with knives when Thunder comes along to take over. Thunder releases Jack but Jack soon finds out that his fiendish torture is much more subtle. He shows Jack how old he is getting. That Jack has no friends or family to show for a long life. This does get Jack down but he recovers. He taunts Thunder about his being a slave to Lo Pan and his brothers. Thunder starts to blow up again. Jack then sees Centaur with Knives and commands him to attack. Centaur with Knives is impressed by Jack’s confidence and obeys.

Meanwhile the demon in charge of torturing Lo Pan is finding this hard. Lo Pan is actually turned on by being rejected by a woman. He has been immortal and pain doesn’t work. Nor does he have any family or friends to torture. So the pig demon shows him nothingness. This terrifies Lo Pan but he takes a page from Jack Burton and sucker punches the demon. Then kicks him in the balls. Lo Pan escapes and runs into Jack. The two find Pete the demon that serves Wang. They find Wang in his hell of watching his wife and daughter killed by Jack Burton. Jack comes up with the idea that to defeat Ching Dai they need Egg’s book of spells. From the Centaur with Knives they find out that the book is in the Tower of Skulls. It is being used to torture Egg by being just out of his reach.

This was a very interesting story. We get to see some vulnerability on the part of Jack. Lo Pan is picking up ideas from Jack. There was plenty of humor in Jack’s attitude but also from Lo Pan who will not be kinkshamed by anyone. Anyway the three reunite and find a way to defeat Ching Dai. We also find out Egg Shen is still alive. This is a very enjoyable series.

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