Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Jack Burton, Wang and Lo Pan continue on to San Francisco and the Throne of Skulls. Wang makes it know that he will kill both Jack and Lo Pan if they don’t know the way into it. Lo Pan secretly confides to Jack that he doesn’t know how to get in. So Jack makes up that they need the Three Storms. Using Wang’s pet Yaogua they track the storms to a tornado. Lo Pan thinks that they are still his minions but they are real pissed at dying and Lo Pan not even bothering to find them in the underworld. So a fight begins and the weakest storm Thunder gets Jack. Jack kicks him in the balls which causes his other brothers to laugh. Jack talks to Thunder and gets him to tell the secret to entering The Throne of Skulls. Before he does Wang kills his brother. This gets Thunder real angry and he blows up huge. Only this time he doesn’t explode but eats the three and later spits them out in a big belch. They find themselves at the Throne of Skulls.

Now the story brings up to the Three Storms. Those supernatural beings that served Lo Pan in the films. I love the interaction between the characters. They make fun of the way they died in the film. Jack Burton is so funny with his bullshit attitude yet it almost works. Anyway they are now in the Throne of Skulls so should be interesting to see where the story goes next.

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