Writer: Steven Jones adapted from story by Sheridan Le Fanu

Artist: John Ross

Sarah and Carmilla are visited by a roving hunchback dwarf that performs songs and poetry. He makes the jest of being a dentist that could take off the point to Carmilla’s tooth. This just gets Carmilla real angry and she goes to take a nap. Later the two are out for a walk and Carmilla convinces Sarah to join her in skinny dipping in the lake. This they do and they lay around naked in the sun. Sarah has a dream where Carmilla turns into a man and professes his love. She wakes and finds Carmilla who professes her love and they make out.

We then switch to Vienna where a General Spielsdorf is visiting a Countess Dolingen. He finds a young man guarding her suite and a swordfight ensues. The General wins and finds Countess Dolingen draining some young women. The General is there to avenge his niece and shoots the countess. Only the Countess doesn’t die and instead kills the General. Back at the mansion young Sarah has a dream of a black cat and Carmilla being killed. This gets her screaming and everyone has to come including Carmilla and ensure her that she is fine. The next morning the two girls look over some old pictures that came in from Sarah’s mother’s estate. One is of the Countess Marcia Karnstein from 1698 and she looks exactly like Carmilla.

Ah yes another entry in the gothic lesbian horror romance of Carmilla. In this we get plenty of lesbian romance between the two main protagonists. Plus we throw in a swordfight. Another mysterious lesbian vampire who I am not sure is another vampire or Carmilla at a different time. To be honest the art has everyone look the same. Some traveling hunchback dwarf/amateur dentist. At the end Sarah starts to get a clue that Carmilla might be a centuries old lesbian vampire. A lot of stuff was happening in 19th century Austria.

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