“Tower of Mitra!”

Writer: Bruce Jones

Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Conan is at a fire in the Cimmerian countryside at night. His mind wanders to Pelija Lon when her image appears before him. She pleads for help so Conan heads off to the city of D’eim. In the city he finds the people building a tall tower. Their new priestess has ordained it so they can meet up with Mitra. Pelija is the new priestess but refuses to acknowledge Conan. So Conan goes off angry but her image appears again pleading for help. Conan goes back at night and knocks out a guard and takes his uniform. He finds out that the tower has a giant drill inside. Going to the temple he finds that Pelija is under the control of C’arona a follower of Set. Pelija tells that she was drugged and that C’arona plans to drill into the center of the Earth and release the demons of Set. So the two manage to expose the plot to the townspeople. C’arona takes Pelija hostage and Conan with the angry townspeople storm the tower. Inside are rat demons coming up already. C’arona turns into a harpy which Conan kills. Then the townspeople pull down the tower and crush the demons inside.

Bruce Jones is back and he gives us this offbeat tale. He brings back the character of Pelija Lon which was a character I enjoyed very much. Now I don’t think there is a city in Cimmeria that would worship Mitra but that is a minor quibble. The story was a solid one. It had the Buscema/Chan team and ends with a exciting conclusion. A good issue.

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