Writer: Steven Jones adapted from story by Sheridan Le Fanu

Artist: John Ross

In an Austrian estate a young woman named Sarah is visited during the night by a mysterious woman. Later this beautiful woman is making out with another woman at night. She is a vampire and drains the woman. Thirteen years later and young Sarah is now a grown woman. A coach traveling in front of the castle has an accident. Sarah’s father agrees to take care of the young woman who was injured. Soon the beautiful Carmilla and Sarah strike up a friendship. They remember each other as a dream from the mysterious visit 13 years ago. Later at night Carmilla goes out and seduces another woman in a cottage and drains her.

This is a classic gothic story written by a Frenchman from the 19th century. It is considered the basic template for what are my favorite vampire stories–lesbian vampire stories. Basically a beautiful aristocratic vampire seduces young women and has to avoid men trying to kill her. As the cover proclaims this is definitely not for kids. Now I never read the original story but I hear it was a bit ambiguous about the lesbianism given the times it was written. Not so this adaptation. Not a usual topic for comics but this is a guilty pleasure of mine.

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