“A Dream of Empire”

Writers: Michael Fleisher and Dave Simons

Artist: Dave Simons

To the east of Turan a mysterious woman called Zarmi has united the various tribes on a crusade against the civilized world. Her forces manages to sack a garrison which worries Emperor Yezdigerd. He needs men for his army and orders that the dungeons be emptied. At this time Conan finds himself in the dungeon for a minor offense and soon is part of the Turanian army. On his first mission they are ambushed in a narrow canyon and barely escape. The cowardly general places the blame on his captain who is hung. Conan sneaks into the palace at night to convince the emperor that it was the general responsible for the defeat and predicts the next place Zarmi’s forces will attack. When it proves correct the general is executed and Conan placed in charge of the army. Zarmi’s forces attack the capital and it seems they are victorious. Only it is a trap and Conan rides the army out of the hills. Zarmi is killed and the various tribes start fighting themselves.

“Mitra Defend Us”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artists: William Johnson and Rey Garcia

Conan is a scout on the Pictish border and rescues a Mitran priest trying to convert the Picts. Conan believes in converting them dead. The priest is a self righteous dick who has dreams of greatness. So he sneaks away which allows Conan to evacuate the settlers while the priest distracts the Picts. Seems they remember him telling the story about a martyr who was skinned alive and they gladly give that privilege to the priest.

Wow what a cool cover. I love Joe Jusko when he does covers. Anyway the story was a fun one with a new artist. One who also came up with the plot. An enjoyable adventure that has Conan save the day. I was wondering about the history between Yezdigerd and Conan. Conan scarred him which you wouldn’t think he would forget. But the story did mention in a round about way that the emperor pretended that he just looked like the barbarian. I suppose he was desperate enough to forget the humiliation that Conan caused him.

As for the backup story it was also a fun and enjoyable read. Basically a holier than thou priest who finds out the hard way that Picts aren’t very innocent. A good issue.

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