“Night of the Three Sisters!”

Writer: Mary Jo Duffy

Artists: John Buscema, Bob Camp & Brett Bleeding

Conan is sitting in a tavern when some loud mouth bumps into him and picks a fight. Naturally the loud mouth gets tossed into a table and a general brawl starts. As the guard comes to break it up, two hooded woman grab Conan and he disappears. The young women have transported him to their place because they need him to help to steal a treasure from a wizard. So they transport through a mirror to an underworld realm. There they have to fight off tentacles that come from the ground and giant pterodactyls. They make it to the tower and are captured by the wizard and his guards. A fight ensues and they manage to take a ring. This ring can transport anyone to anywhere in the universe. The three sisters needed it to return to their home dimension. They use it but leave Conan outside the city on his horse with a full bag of gold.

We get a new writer for this one shot issue. I thought it was a good story. I loved the three beautiful sisters that appeared which is what I remember the most of this issue as a kid. Mary Jo Duffy is a writer I am not very familiar with but she did a good job on this story. I can see her writing more of Conan. Yet this was a fill in issue until Bruce Jones would return as regular writer. A good story with some beautiful artwork.

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