Writers: Robbie Thompson and Justin Jordan

Artist: Barnaby Bagenda

Hal Jordan finds himself now in the ape future and his ring doesn’t work. He is captured by gorilla soldiers. Cornelius is back in the mutant city and finds Taylor. The mutants were questioning him too hard and he is dead. Cornelius is shown their god the Omega bomb. He uses his power ring to dismantle the bomb and make many other power rings. Back on the Guardian’s planet Gardner confronts them about the disappearance of Jordan and Sinestro. They tell of how a Guardian named Rami was trying to create a ring that would harness the infinite power of the emotional spectrum. He failed but others tried and one combined sorcery with science to crate the Universal Ring. The ring was alive and sent into an alternate reality. One where apes ruled a post-nuke Earth. It was hoped this realm was a dead end and the ring would stay lost.

Only Sinestro managed to find the location. The Guardians send Gardner and his friends to stop Sinestro and give him shields against the ring. Back on the Planet of the Apes, Jordan manages to escape from his cell and makes friends with Zira and the chimpanzee scientists. Sinestro comes to Dr. Zaius . Back on our Earth Gardner makes a stop at Belle Reve Penitentiary to retrieve Gorilla Grodd who he hopes will help him on the Planet of the Apes.

So far the story is quite interesting. The writers manage to balance multiple storylines and keep each interesting and the reader can follow them. I am not real familiar with Green Lantern but understand what is going on so that is a plus. The origin for this crossover makes sense and the Planet of the Apes universe is consistent from the movie. Some beautiful artwork and an interesting story make this a worthwhile read.

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