Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Jack Burton and Lo Pan are driving across the fire plains on their way to San Francisco. Lo Pan warns of the deadly illusions they have to watch out for. No sooner said then a vision of Miao Yin comes floating by. She tells Lo Pan that she now loves him and he falls for it. Jack snaps him back. Then he gets visions from his past. We see that his friend Wang was driving with him in the Pork Chop Express when a dog comes on the road during a stormy night. The truck swerves and kills Wan. So Jack steals a spell book from Egg Chen and summons Ching from the underworld. A deal is struck to bring back Wan. All Jack has to do is agree to be friends with Ching and shake hands. This opens the door to our world. Lo Pan is furious that Jack is the one responsible for bring Ching to Earth and tosses Jack out of the truck.

So this issue we finally get to find out how Jack managed to bring Ching Dai into our world. I found it a very entertaining story. The flashbacks were done in a way to flow with the current storyline. They gave the reader the whole story which I was wondering about so far. There is also fun humor where Miao is trying to seduce Lo Pan. She tells him how she just loves creepy weird dudes with goatees. I am definitely enjoying this series.

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