“Peace of War!”

Writer: Paul Kupperberg

Artists: Tod Smith & Pablo Marcos

Peacemaker has figured out where Dr. Tzin-Tzin is. Unfortunately he is too late to stop the attack. His mercenaries and superpowered operatives attack the summit in Berlin. The generals of NATO and Warsaw Pact forces are under hypnotic suggestion from Tzin-Tzin and hinder their forces. Peacemaker goes nuts and imagines the attacking terrorists are images of his father. He kills many but realizes that to defeat them he has to take out Tzin-Tzin. So he attacks his dirigible with his helicopter. Fighter jets are launched from the dirigible and they destroy the helicopter. Only Peacemaker left it and on his jet pack busts into the dirigible. While this is going on his girlfriend Dominique manages to escape her captivity and finds that Tzin-Tzin has ICBMs ready to launch at Moscow. She reprograms them to hit Tzin-Tzin’s dirigible.

The fight on the dirigible goes well until Tzin-Tzin uses his hypnotic power. Peacemaker starts to succumb but his psychosis has him see his father instead of Tzin-Tzin. Peacemaker breaks his spell just as the ICBMs arrive and destroy the dirigible. Later his comrades are discussing how the terrorist attack fell apart with the destruction of Tzin-Tzin. They think Peacemaker also perished in the attack but he arrives just then. Seems he jumped out at the last minute. After a few days to think he is now somewhat sane.

This was a great series. I love that they used Reagan and Gorbachev in cameos for it gives the story a feeling of being in the real world. This was a fascinating character. Someone that has some major daddy issues. This was a big departure from the hokey character from the Charlton series. Kupperberg did an excellent job of reimaging the character. Yes the series is a bit dated in 1987 but that is part of the charm of it. A real unique and fun character.

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