“The Mud Men of Keshan”

Writer: Michael Fleisher

Artist: Gary Kwapisz

Every three years a draught comes to Keshan. This is when the Mud People go on the warpath. The peaceful tribes would be slaughtered if not for the magic of the witch doctor. He can make a statue fly which frightens off the superstitious Mud Men. Only some thieves haves stolen the statue for a rich Stygian. Now the draught is coming and the people need this statue. We cut to a treehouse base for brigands being raided by six beautiful but deadly women. The Iron Maidens are an all female group of manhunters that track down those wanted. After taking out the brigands there next target is one Conan.

Conan is in Shem pearl diving when some brigands steal his pearls and nearly throw his woman off the cliff. This just makes Conan angry and he tracks them down to an inn where they are partying with their ill gotten loot. Conan makes short work of them. Then passing through a city he saves a Keshan from some thugs. The Keshan saves Conan with his magic and gets him to agree to help him recover the stolen statue. Along the way they are attacked by the Iron Maidens and get captured. While crossing the Styx river Conan saves one of them from a crocodile. For payment the Iron Maidens agree to help recover the statue. This they do by breaking into the Stygian mansion and grabbing it. At the village the witch doctor tries to use his magic but fails to properly levitate the statue. This is OK since Conan and the Iron Maidens are there and make short work of the Mud Men.

“… In the Eye of the Beholder”

Writer: Don Kraar

Artist: Ernie Chan

In Iranistan at a slave auction a beautiful woman is up for sale. Everyone wants her but Conan has the money needed to buy her. This upsets his friend who vows to take her from Conan. Later Conan finds out the girl is very belligerent to his advances. So Conan agrees to take her to her lover. Along the way they are ambushed by Conan’s friend who he has to kill in a fight.

This issue sees another popular group of characters in the Iron Maidens introduced. These sexy bound hunters would be used other writers and appear numerous times. I can see why for they are a fun bunch of woman. I really love how Kwapisz draws women. They are some the sexiest I have ever seen. This is another Fleisher story that takes Conan all over the place where he has many fun adventures.

The backup story was just so-so. It seemed a bit out of character for Conan to buy a slave. Naturally he wouldn’t force himself on a woman which is in character. Yet that he would choose to buy a woman for sex just didn’t really gel with me. The story didn’t really have a good ending or plot.

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