Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Jack finds out that it wasn’t a buxom blonde he came to save but David Lo Pan. Jack tries to kill him and almost falls on his own knife but Lo Pan saves him. Seems he needs Jack and his truck to get him across the country to San Francisco. He tells how he was overjoyed that Ching was freed and now on Earth. He looked forward to serving him but Ching was not happy with Lo Pan. All he accomplished in Ching’s name was creep after green-eyed women and get himself killed by a man with a mullet. So he makes Lo Pan mortal and sentences him to the Hellpocylipse. Lo Pan needs Jack’s truck which is the only one left in the world to get him to San Francisco to defeat Ching.

Jack decides he wants nothing to do with him and kicks him back into the hole to Hell. Then gets in his truck and drives off. He comes on a blond woman and her gang. They think that Jack is some great hero for having a truck and welcome him. Only later someone comes bearing the picture of who released Ching. When they find out it was Jack they tie him above a face in the ground and lower him to be eaten. Lo Pan comes and rescues Jack and gets him to agree to take him across the Sea of Fire that separates the country.

I love this series. Jack Burton is such a total idiot who completely has no awareness of his stupidity. Yet there is something very likable about the guy. We find out that Lo Pan didn’t get the reception that he was expecting from his god. The dialogue is just spot on hilarious and the story is very engaging. I look forward to Jack and Lo Pan’s quest to save the world.

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